CounterPoint V7 Can Save You Paper

Over the last month or so, I have noticed a lot of customers are doing their end of year inventory counts, and other tax preparation reports (and rightly so).  I have received a few calls from customers that only want the totals or a certain category from some of the reports that they print that are hundreds or more pages long.

CounterPoint V7 has a way of doing this.  First you will need to print the report to disk so it shows up in System/Spooled Reports instead of directly to a printer.  Once this is done go to System/Spooled Reports and find your report.  Press the "F1" key to bring up the what I like to call the "Page Range" box.  From here you can press the "F2" key to allow you to type in the range of the pages you would like to print. 

For example if you only want to print page 6 you would type in 6 for both the starting page # and ending page # and only page 6 would print for that 150+ page Historical Valuation report.     If you need more than 1 copy, press the "F4" to change the number of copies that print.

By printing reports to disk and only printing the page or pages that are needed can save you from printing 100’s of pages of a report where you only need 1 page or a range of pages.  Also by printing to disk you can go back and look or print other pages as many times as you need without having to run the report again. 

If you need further help with this or have any other questions about reports or Physical Count/Inventory Counts, please email me at or call the CCS Retail Systems Support Dept. at 800-672-4806

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