Retaining Loyal Customers

Most of you are already aware that it’s far more expensive to try and generate new customers, than it is to keep the ones that you already have. Retaining loyal customers is especially important during times of economic uncertainty…

There are some good software tools available that allow you to tune your software. These tools allow you to make it more customer friendly, generate more sales, and keep your existing customer’s coming back for more.

Just some of options available to with CCS software products are:

For CounterPoint users:

  • Creating a Customer Loyalty Program along with customized customer loyalty cards.
  • Item Price rules for specific groups or associations.
  • Creating and using "3 for the price of 2" type Price Codes.
  • Using Store Credits and Gift Certificates/Gift Cards.

For CounterPoint and Passport users.

Using various Inventory management and Sales reports in order understand what’s really going on with your inventory levels. This might include determining if you are carrying enough of the right products, if your stocking levels are adequate, if you are overstocked, whats selling and what’s not, and/or determining if your items priced competitively.
Target marketing via custom mailing lists or email lists of customers based on various criteria such as: 

  • Customer’s from a certain Zip Code.
  • Customer’s in a specific tax jurisdiction.
  • Customer’s who purchased certain item within a specific data range.
  • Customer’s who have no sales activity as of a specific cut-off date.
  • Or a combination of any of the above, and more.


If you would like to pursue any or all of the above options, please contact the CCS Retail Systems support department for assistance.



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