Counterpoint V7 to SQL Yearend Discount Special!

Counterpoint V7 to SQL Yearend Discount Special!


 Happy Holidays

It’s Time to Think About Migrating to Counterpoint SQL!

Considering New Hardware and Windows10 Packaging? Remember CPSQL Supports Windows 10!

Here’s Our CPSQL Upgrade Special for You!


Limited Time Special of 25% Off the List Price of Counterpoint V7 Upgrades to Counterpoint SQL.
1 Month of FREE Smart Alerts Counterpoint System Monitoring and Alerting to Your Mobile Devices.
1 Month of FREE Customer Connect Integrated Counterpoint Email Marketing.

NCR Smart Alerts is a mobile alerting tool allowing you to keep track of what happens in your store at all times We know the world is a stage, but that doesn’t mean you can be everywhere at once. Like your own personal assistant, our software makes you feel like you’ve got everything covered. Our mobile alerting system informs you of all store operations across your locations, keeping you up-to-date on sales information, any fraudulent activity, or day-to-day operations.

NCR Customer Connect is a powerful integrated email marketing system helping you grow your business by driving sales. The show’s not over yet—get them asking for an encore! Send follow up emails to connect with your customers after their experience. Our integrated, automated email marketing system enables you to use customer data and preferences to send them personalized offers.

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Don’t Miss This Limited Time Offer. Special Pricing Ends December 22, 2017.

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