Stay Technologically Current to Increase Sales

Stay Technologically Current to Increase Sales

We’re into the holiday season already, and it’s quite obvious that shopping is not like it used to be. Computers and cell phones have changed the traditional method of just visiting a brick and mortar store and making a purchase. Greatly expanded options give purchasers an edge over retailers if they are not keeping up with current technology.

As a retailer, are you able to:

  • Sell both online and in your store?
  • Sell remotely inside your store?
  • Track your customers to offer sales and promotions to those who are buying your products?
  • Offer a loyalty program for your customers?
  • Offer frequent buyer rewards?
  • Update your inventory to prevent shortages of best sellers?
  • Offer online sales that can be picked up in your store?

NCR’s Counterpoint POS Software allows you to do all of these things and much more. What better time than now to call CCS Retail Systems to get set up with great Counterpoint options? You can reach us at 425-672-4806 or email us. Don’t miss out on holiday sales—call today!


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