A Christmas in July Gift Card Adventure

Gift CardsI don’t often receive gift cards – my family is small and friends now live far away, but I did receive one a few weeks ago from my employer. What fun it was to be able to go shopping at a time other than the holidays and buy something special for myself!
Gift cards are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, back-to-school needs, and a host of other occasions. They can be tailored to the specific needs of someone you know well, like a fast food gift card for a person who eats at that establishment a lot, or a book store gift card for someone whom you know reads a lot. They are especially useful when you don’t know the needs of the person for whom you want to buy a gift. In this case, the card may be one that can be used in a large store with many departments, or even an entire shopping mall!
Is your business set up to offer gift card purchases for your customers? If not, you’re losing out on many sales. Remember, gift cards are purchases, just like any other item in your store! 
Now is a perfect time to check out NCR’s Counterpoint POS Software. Setup of gift cards/gift certificates is available with Counterpoint and CCS Retail Systems can help you with this. All it takes is a call to us at 800/425-672-4806 or you can email us. Do it today—don’t let those gift card sales go to someone else!