User training

TrainingIf you have a retail store, you already know that there is a lot of training required for most of your new employees.  I am often amazed, however, when a store employee does not know how to log into the computer, or register, that they need to use for their job.

It appears that many times these computers are left logged in all of the time.  This is a very bad practice, for several reasons.  Most of which I have gone over before, but include security risks, and an increased risk of corruption in the event of a power loss or system crash, due to more files being open.

For those that do log out, most have their Windows system set to default the username to the last one that logged in.  So, users simply have to type in the password to log in.  These users know the password, but a large number of them do not know the correct username to use.  In that case, if someone else logs in, say the administrator for system maintenance, the user then can not get logged in because they do not know what to change the user name to.  Or, in fact, that they need to change the username.

This is such a basic part of what employees need to do to perform their duties.  It should be stressed to employees how to properly log in.  Also, it should be part of the “refresher” training that employees should be having periodically.