Options For Training

Options For Training

CCS has the ability to provide you and your staff with a number of training options as follows:

Classroom Training – This  can be overview type, closely follow training manuals,  or be directed to specific pre-defined Topics and/or individuals. CCS has a training  center that has a wall projection system, and PC’s for individual use.

Targeted Remote Training – With modern communication tools, there are a myriad number of ways to establish remote connections to PC’s and servers from literally anywhere in the world that has Internet access and phone service.

On-site Training –  This can be done in groups in a conference room, training facility or at individual workstations.

There are often avoidable situations that can leave you with angry and/or lost customers, frustrated employees, reduced sales, and an undeserved bad reputation.  Often this may be something as simple as poor communication, lack of a proper or formal training program, or assignment of tasks to a user who is not authorized to perform the required task.

An historical example:

Once, while trying to work with a clerk over the phone on a specific Point of Sale software  usage issue, the conversation was abruptly interrupted by an angry customer who  had just charged back into the store because he had been overcharged for an item.  The clerk set the phone down abruptly – while I could hear the entire room conversation through the phone, the clerk could  no longer hear me.

To resolve the customer complaint, rather than just voiding the first ticket and re-ringing the ticket, or returning just the one item at issue, the clerk took the customers credit card and then ran another charge through the register, duplicating the previous erroneous charge.

When the already "Hot" customer figured out what had been done, a shouting match ensued between the customer and the clerk.  The
customer was insisting on getting a cash refund for the  overage charges, and as the argument intensified, it brought in several more staff people and customers. This evolved into a large shouting match  with the entire group fighting for control of the receipt, the credit card, and product. This was accompanied by cursing and interspersed screams of "don’t put your hands on me", "stop touching me!", and "I’m calling the cops!". 

This chaos went on for about 15 minutes, and ended with the customer storming off, before the clerk finally picked up the phone again.  The phone was then handed off to another more experienced clerk.  When I explained what had just happened to the  second clerk, and how the first clerk could have handled the  situation, I heard a huge sigh, and the  reply, "he hasn’t had much training"

In this particular case the original clerk had not been trained on handling returns, and his POS software user account was not authorized to void tickets or take returns.  This meant that a managers assistance would have been required to help this customer properly even if the clerk had known specifically what to do.

In the Internet age, having an angry ex-customer can be devastating for your business, especially because an angry customer is most likely
to be your most vocal critic.  The last thing that your business needs are negative reviews being posted on your site, or on various commonly used Internet review sites for something that can easily have been avoided.  This can drive potential business away from you.

If you would like some assistance with staff training, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

– John

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