Coming your way soon in PBS 12.04

Coming your way soon in PBS 12.04
These great new features and more, are just around the corner with PBS v.12.04!

  • In Accounts Payable, when entering a cancellation voucher, and after having entered the  original voucher number, the program pulls the original voucher data from history so it  does not have to be entered manually.
  • A new Add  button is now included with the vendor, customer or item look-up which  displays the matching graphical screen and a user can edit, add or even delete vendors,  customers or items on the fly.
  • Accounts Receivable offers a new option to print the invoices applied to each open item customer’s payment.
  • In Order Entry, a new collation option allows you to print the entire multi-page invoice as the 1st copy, the invoice pages again in their entirety for the second copy, etc.

More soon to be announced features are coming soon…

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department for more information on updating your passport software.

– John

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