New Features in NCR Retail Online v1.8

New Features in NCR Retail Online v1.8

NRO (NCR Retail Online) V1.8 was released in January of 2015.  The most notable features include:

•New and Sale options are now available in layered navigation, allowing shoppers to filter  by New/Sale products.
•The ability to disallow purchase of specific items.
•An option to allow Counterpoint A/R customers to pay via A/R Charge in NRO.
•Support for product schemas and Google Rich Snippets.
•Previously, up to 2 related items were uploaded for each product, from the substitute items defined  for each product in Counterpoint. Now, you have a choice on whether to upload related items from  Counterpoint, or maintain related items from within the NRO Admin Panel.
•Allows the option to enforce a phone number mask for all shopper phone numbers

If you would like more information regarding setting-up your own NRO store, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.

– John

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