CPMobile Version 2.0 Is Here

CPMobile Version 2.0 

With earlier version of CPMobile, you are able to do: 
  • Mobile Point of Sale for remote/mobile point of sale checkout
  • Inventory management with mobile physical count functionality
  • On-the-spot viewing of customer, item pricing and inventory quantities  
As well as:
  • Get out from behind the counter to engage with the customers and ring up sales wherever they are gathered; within the store or outside the four walls
  • Multi-purpose devices allow both POS and inventory functionality
  • Stay in sync with real-time Counterpoint integration for immediate sales and inventory updates from anywhere
  • Provide exceptional customer service including on-the-spot item lookup, line-busting checkout, and returns  
CPMobile v2.0 now includes more Inventory Management tools like. 
  • Adjustments:
NCR Counterpoint Mobile’s Adjustments module allows you to manually adjust on-hand quantities to account for shrinkage or unexpected overages in your inventory. Use your CPMobile device to scan or look up items, specify the quantities to add to your inventory or remove from your inventory, and then export adjustment transactions to NCR Counterpoint for posting.  
  • Receiving (without a Purchase Order

NCR Counterpoint Mobile’s Receivings module allows you to receive merchandise from your vendors. Use your CPMobile device to scan or look up items, specify the quantities you are receiving, and export receivers to your NCR Counterpoint for posting.

In version 2.0, NCR Counterpoint Mobile allows you to receive merchandise without a purchase order. The ability to receive against a purchase order will be available in a forthcoming version of NCR Counterpoint Mobile.  
  • Unlocking CPMobile Devices when Offline
In this version, you can unlock a CPMobile device that is not connected to your NCR Counterpoint server. This enhancement allows you  to use NCR Counterpoint Mobile’s Inventory features–including Physical Count, Adjustments, and Receivings–when you are in an area without a reliable network connection, such as a warehouse or stockroom.

Please Note that to use the latest feature, your version of NCR CounterPoint must be at

More functionality is being added all the time. So if you are interested in trying this out.  Contact the CCS Retail Systems sales department for a demo or call 800.672.4806 or email us.  For updating your CounterPoint contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department at 800.672.4806 or email us.


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