The Goblin Virus

As Reported By KOMO New Radio.

The Goblin Virus

I was listening to the news on the way home last night, and I heard a mention of a virus going around one of the school district (Lake Washington).  They are calling it the Goblin virus, and it appears to be network aware, meaning if your PC/Laptop is connected on the same network as an infected PC, the chances of you picking it up are great.

The story went on to tell the number of infected student laptops at about 2500.  It was also mentioned that students can take the laptops home to use, which means if the laptop is infected, it can infect the rest of your PC’s.  Although the machines are protected with Anti-Virus and firewall protection, they still got infected.  More than likely someone clicked something they probably should not have, weather in an email or a link on a website.

With the Holiday season right around the corner, be sure your anti-virus/malware protection is up to date, and do not click links in unsolicited emails.  If the deal looks good, manually type the address in your browser, that way you know you are not being duped into clicking that link that does install malware.


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