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PBS SQL Integration With CPSQL

If you’ve been looking for an outstanding Accounting Package and one that has been built to work extremely well with NCR’s CounterPoint SQL then wait no longer. 

Customers using both PBS™ SQL by Passport Software and NCR’s CPSQL® can now enjoy an enhanced integration level between the two packages. Prior PBS versions were integrated to CPSQL on an import/export basis, but starting with the release of PBS V12.02, the following direct integration has been added: 

General Ledger valid account synchronization with CP SQL

In CounterPoint SQL when a GL account is added, a Valid GL account will automatically be created in the PBS Valid GL Account File and will show up as “*NEW*” in PBS to alert accounting personnel that a full GL Account File entry is needed. 

The Valid GL Account File is used to validate transactions in sub-ledgers and will provide the perfect vehicle to communicate the need for a new account by the Purchasing Department to the Accounting Department. 

This will facilitate the Create Distributions function in CP SQL when sending distributions to PBS General Ledger, as the account will be recognized and not create an error message for the Accounting Department to handle. They will have known of the new account and prepared the way they choose to handle it, speeding the process of posting distributions. 

Vendor account synchronization with CP SQL

When vouchering inventory receipts in CP SQL, the PBS Vendor File will be checked to make sure that there is a vendor on file and if there is not, a vendor will be added with the basic information from the CP SQL vendor record and the “*NEW*” designation so that the Accounts Payable Department may fully set up additional vendor information needed. 

This will reduce the redundant entry of Vendor information and improve the flow of payables transactions.   

Bank deposits created for CP AR & POS update directly into PBS SQL Check Rec checkbook

In CP SQL Accounts Receivable, the cash receipts for the day will create a deposit total for entry into Check Reconciliation, the PBS checking account management solution that helps track bank account activity and balances. 

CP SQL POS also creates deposit information for the drawer summary totals by pay type which, along with the AR cash receipts, may then be combined to create the deposits to the correct checking accounts. 

This means that if credit card transactions go to one account while cash and checks go to another account, the deposits may be constructed from the appropriate amounts. This feature greatly simplifies the preparation and tracking of deposits and ties back directly to the CP SQL history files and audit reporting.   

In addition to the integration features listed above, PBS SQL tables may now be accessed directly through CP SQL “Views”.  This feature allows drill downs into vendor history to show payments of vendor invoices. Drilling down into GL transactions allows viewing of GL activity by account.   

Can your current software do that? 

Talk to you soon.  ~Norma

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