System Restore Woes.

Windows System Restore Caution!

Windows system restore feature is a very powerful and handy feature but if not used properly on a business system it can create havoc.

I recently received a call from a customer that their automated Credit Card settlement was not working.  After logging into the system the problem was pretty clear.  They were receiving a "Duplicate Batch" error, meaning that the credit card processor thought the user was trying to settle transactions that have already been settled.

Although this problem is not very common and easy to fix, in this case I ran into some weird results.  Normally for this issue, it just a matter of incrementing a number in a file that keeps track of the Batch number used for Settlements.  So with due diligence I changed the number and tried to run the Credit Card Settlement again.  To my surprise, I again received a "Duplicate Batch" error.  Digging a little deeper into the issue, I was able to determine what the correct Batch number should be set at, but was curious on how it got set back so far.

A little quizzing of the company owner revealed that he indeed used the System Restore function to try to retrieve a lost email.  In the process of the System Restore, it replaced important Software files as well which is what caused the issue in the first place.

As you an see, the system restore function did do its job but could of created more of an issue if not caught when we did.  There were a few other files that got replaced with older ones also. Most of those did not have much of an impact on the system.

There is usually no problem with using the system restore function. However, steps must be taken to be sure important files are not replaced by older versions with out-dated information.  If a system restore is needed, it would be wise to contact your IT department to make a backup first, or at least let you know how your system could be affected.

By the way, after everything was put back the way it needed to be, the email that was lost was still lost.  There are several other ways to retrieve lost email more safely, but that is another article.

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