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I recently received an email from Bob Negan of Whizbang Training that I want to share with you. It concerns getting your store recognized. He had some good information that I wasn’t aware of. This is what Bob had to say. 

“Here’s a refrain of frustration I hear over and over from retailers all across the country: ‘My store has been in this location for eight years and someone just came in and told me she didn’t know we were here!’ 

Getting the work out can be tedious – not to mention expensive. But fortunately, the US Post Office…has recently come up with a service that can help local businesses get the word out to everyone in their area. It’s called Every Door Direct Mail.” 

Bob goes on to explain how it works.           

  • You don’t need a list of names and addresses.  Your mail piece will be delivered to every door on a particular mail carrier’s route. [You won’t spend money on rented mailing lists or postage on returned mail with bad addresses].
  • It’s [inexpensive]. You send a standard flat mail piece for as little as 14.5 ¢. As an estimate, you can send nearly 5,000 pieces of literature weighing 3.3 oz or less for a little over $700.
  • It’s targeted.  You can choose which mail routes you want to receive your mail and which you don’t. Many studies have shown that most of your customers live within 5 miles of your store. If you blanket the areas close to your store, you’re targeting your most likely customers.
  • ·It’s easy.  Take your printed mail piece in bulk to the post office and they will do the rest. There’s no stamping, no labeling and no sorting.” 

Bob’s few words of caution: Make sure your mail piece is eye-catching and your offer is good. A bad mailer with bad copy and a bad offer isn’t going to bring in customers or help your reputation. 

Talk to you soon.  ~Norma


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