Sales Predictions for Graduation Giving

Graduation Gift-Giving Expected to Boost Sales

Graduation ceremonies and the celebrations that follow are important cultural traditions in this country. Family and friends seem to have no qualms about opening not only their hearts for this grand occasion, but their wallets as well!

I know this well, having just returned from the out of state university commencement for my second daughter. It was a wonderful (and costly) experience! When I took into account the money spent for airfare, lodging, meals away from home, gifts, and the after-commencement party, I was astonished!

Apparently I’m not the only one to splurge on such an occasion. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2012 Graduation Survey, conducted by BIGinsight, graduation gifts will be purchased by one-third of Americans this year. This is a rise from 30.7% in 2011.

Gift cards are among the top gifts being purchased for this year because of their flexibility, convenience, and ease of use. They also allow graduates to choose for themselves the perfect gift. Other popular graduation gifts will include greeting cards, apparel, and electronics

Overall, the survey found that consumers intend to spend an average of $99.94 per graduation this year, up $9 from last year. Additionally, they will buy for an average of two graduates. This will certainly be beneficial for retailers.

As commencements usually extend from mid-May to mid-June, there is still time to prepare for the expected boost in sales. A gift card option is built into CounterPoint POS Software. Cards are all you need!  There is also an option to add a gift card registry to you system. Details are available by calling us at 425-672-4806, or you can email us for more information.

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