Entry Level Workers and Technology

Entry Level Workers and Technology.

A prospect recently told us that he didn’t want any touch screen monitors or devices that used this technology as part of his point of sale solution, adding that it was because he thought is was both unnecessary and irrelevant.

I was rather surprised by this response, because along with rapidly changing technology, the skills of the entry level work force are changing as well.  As the technology becomes more wide spread, and the competition increases,  prices actually are coming down, and more companies are starting to include this technology as a standard in their monitors.  Most children, and teenagers already know how to use an iPhone, or smart phone, and the upcoming Windows 8 software will have touch screen interface as it’s default.  This means that for the most part, they are already familiar with this technology.

Speaking of technology changes and the younger crowd…

A recent story shared with me…

While working with a new hire, a retailer is finishing some accounts receivable invoicing, and statement printing.  As the envelopes are being sealed, the new clerk, who has been watching the whole process intensely, asks, "What are the stickers on the envelopes for?"

Apparently, the teen had never seen stamps before…

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