When Less is More

Is Less really More?

In business, it seems that we are always focused on doing more. But sometimes the best thing you can do is less. Doing less can often result in more money, more time, more productivity, more focus, and more success. 

Could you improve the bottom line and the quality of your business by doing some, all, or any of the following?

  • Drop an unproductive vendor or line.
  • Quit spending on advertising that is only marginally successful.
  • Retrain an unproductive employee and if that doesn’t work, let him/her go.
  • Close a store that is/has been a drain on profits. Maybe it’s the wrong location or leasing costs are out of line. If it can’t make you money, don’t let it keep losing it for you.
  • Stop marketing to the segment of customers who never buy.
  • Thin out the fixtures on your floor.
  • Don’t waste time on committees or organizations that are negative or non-essential.
  • Eliminate procedures or policies that are outdated and don’t serve you well any longer.

Maybe it’s time for spring cleaning. Take a look at how you can prune the dead wood that is affecting your bottom line.

Talk to you soon.  ~Norma

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