Mac security is at least 10 years behind Microsoft

Mac security is at least 10 years behind Microsoft

Gone are the days of bragging rights about Macs being immune to viruses and Malware…

The CEO of the security firm Kapersky Labs has recently indicated that they believe that Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft when it comes to computer security.

Indications are that Apple will soon be running to the same problems that Microsoft ran into approximately 10 to 12 years ago.  As more and more complicated worms come out and Apple increases it’s product market share, they will be forced to invest more in security audits, and do more proactively patching of their software. Some recent examples of this are:

  • The prolific "Flashback" that was initially estimated to have infected over 600,000 Macs at is peak.  Apple was slow at getting out both a patch and a removal utility.
  • SabPub malware appears to be spreading through Word documents that exploit the CVE-2009-0563 vulnerability related to a stack-based buffer overflow in Office on the Mac.

So whether you are using a MAC OS or Microsoft OS, you should be looking toward proactively protecting your systems.  Please contact CCS Retail Systems Support Department for assistance.

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