All Together Now – “Service Counts”

Customer Service Sharpness

Have you ever gone to a store with a very clear purpose in mind, knowing exactly what you need and then have to wait around for a long – very long – time for a sales person to finally notice you and see if you need help?  Even worse, did you have to go hunt up a clerk or actually ask the person at the register to pry herself from behind the counter and help you? 

We’ve all been in situations like this. But it never happens in your store, right? If it does, take a deep breath and read on…  

How To Help Insure Your Customers Are Being Served.  

  • Set specific standards for greeting customers

  • Do you want everyone greeted within 30 seconds? One minute? And how do you want them greeted? 

Sure, some customers prefer to browse around a bit, but some are on a mission. Unless your employees interact with the customer immediately, they won’t know which the customer prefers. Train you team to first warmly welcome every customer and then determine if they need immediate help or prefer some browsing time. 

Set up a Secret Shoppers Program

Training isn’t enough. Once you’ve trained your employees, you’ll want feedback. Are they doing it the way you want them to? Even when you’re not watching? You should expect the best – but you also must inspect. A Secret Shopper program isn’t supposed to be a trick or a punishment for your employees. It’s simply meant as a way to insure that your standards are being met – whether you’re there or not. 

You can also ask your customers for feedback – something simple like “How did we do?” And if you find that someone is mentioned more frequently than the rest, it’s time to think of some kind of reward for "above and beyond". It’s sort of the chicken and egg thing. Happy employees make happy customers make happy employees make…. 

Talk to you soon.   ~Norma

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