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My Smartphone Journey

I recently bought a new smartphone and boy am I amazed at what it can do and the apps that are available for free just blow me away.

Coming from a Blackberry phone to an Android based device is not a big change as far as a phone is concerned, but the amount of apps available for an Android device (As well as an iPhone) is amazing.

 What I have noticed, and does not surprise me, is that most free apps are ad supported, meaning that you get the app for free but have to deal with small ads for various products – similar to free software on a desktop.  Personally, I have not run into anything that really bothers me or takes away from the functionality I’m looking for.   I still need to be careful (just like on a PC) about what gets installed and what information it maybe collecting or sharing (Privacy).

I do my homework before I just go and download any old app whether it is for a PC or for a phone.  I look at the reviews of other users, a couple Google searches will also tell me what I may be installing. 

For those of you that don’t research as much as I do, there is now an app that will scan your device for you. According to the senior product manager of that company it will  "clarify the behavior of applications that display ads, and show users what privacy and information collection the apps does and what their ad networks are doing. We’re trying to provide transparency."

This is for apps already installed on your device. It can be used after you install a new app.  But I still recommend you do some research before installing anything on any device -a phone or PC.

If you would like to read more about this app and what else is going on in the ad world, take a look here.

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