Mac Malware On The Rise

Apple Products Targeted by Cyber-criminals

Mac users would be wise to be extra careful this holiday season. With Apple’s PCs growing in popularity, cyber criminals have written a new wave of malware directed at Macs. MacAfee found 5,000 pieces of Mac-targeted malware as of late 2010, and that number has been increasing 10 percent month to month.

Also don’t forget that smartphones are becoming targets of malware too.  Some malware writers are even creating the QR codes (the square barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone) that direct your phones browser to malicious sites.  Most of the more well known Anti-Virus makers are now making anti-virus apps for phones.  AVG has an Android anti-virus application, and Blackberry has multiple anti-virus applications for Blackberry phones.  You can be sure there is at least one anti-virus app on the Market that can and should be installed on your Apple Products like iPhone, iPad, and iPod..

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