Holiday Screen Savers

Holiday Screen-Saver Malware

We have all seen them.  Some of them even look pretty cool, but do you really know what you are installing?

I’m sure there are some safe or less intrusive holiday screen-savers out there, but most that I have seen either install spyware/malware, an obscure toolbar for some obscure search engine or both.  If the site requires an email address to download the program, I would bet that you will be getting spam in your email inbox from the latest sale at your local grocery store to the latest sale at the Big Box stores.

So before giving out your email to some unknown site, or installing something that may (and probably will) install spyware.  Think twice and be sure what you are installing is safe and malware/spyware free.  Download the screen-saver install program and scan it before performing the installation to make sure.

If you have any system questions or concerns, please call the CCS retail Systems Support Department at 800.672.4806 or email us.   We track many dangerous screen-savers by working with our customers.


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