Will Unreported Issues Ever Be Resolved?

Will Unreported Issues Ever Be Resolved?

While this may sound like a rather strange question to be asking, the answer could be either a qualified "Yes" or "No".

You’ve probably heard the term "The squeaky wheel gets the grease", well the same is true of computer and software issues.  If something is an issue, and the appropriate people are notified, things will normally be resolved in short time frame.

Some software issues may resolve themselves over time as software  manufacturers put out service packs to correct known issues.  However, in lieu of a software update, there are other issues will not auto-resolve
themselves.  This is especially true if this issue involves something that was improperly configured from the start.

A recent example of this was with an orphaned end-user who was recently assigned to CCS.  When their Multi-Site configuration was originally  setup by their previous dealer, some assumptions were made in the configuration about what level of data update permissions the remote stores had.  These settings were contrary to the way that both the company and the remote location did things.

Because of this situation, during overnight processing operations, the software was correctly "rolling back" all of the price changes at the remotes to what the numbers were the previous day. This was happening even
though the remote staff was allowed to make and save changes. The Control File changes were set to force a "roll back" of the changes. This meant that the remote staff was having to do their price changes on a daily
basis, repeating what they had done the day before.

In this particular case, the staff reaction was to simply stop using the software for awhile in the hope that the issue simply would go away.  Once the started using the software again, the same issues re-appeared.  Someone may have mentioned this to a manager, but no one contacted support staff in order to resolve the issue.  This almost daily process went on for over (3) three years.

Finally, a senior manager reported what was going on to CCS.  After discussing the issue with site staff, and reviewing the site set-up, this issue was  resolved in a matter of minutes.

Personally, I can’t imagine the amount of frustration that this situation must have caused the end-users.  However, had CCS been contacted, this could have been resolved a long time ago.

The above situation, is just another good reason to contact CCS Support for assistance.  This could include specific issues, or just reviewing your set-up on a one-on-one basis.


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