Don’t Let Yourself Be Held Hostage

Don’t Let Yourself Be Held Hostage 

If you’ve been in business for a while, I’m sure you’ve had an employee who makes others want to tear their hair out. They may have a lot of redeeming features but maybe courtesy isn’t one of them. 

If you feel that this employee is hurting your business, then it may be time to council them strongly.   Just because they have other valued qualities or habits, “their grandmother makes fantastic cookies that she shares with the staff or they are as funny as Jerry Seinfeld, they may think you’ll let them get away with anything? 

Someone who isn’t contributing or won’t adhere to your set standards, and thinks you won’t do anything about may be "holding you hostage without realizing it". 

As a business owner or manager you don’t want this to happen. Why?

  –  It will add frustration and stress to your life.

  –  It reduces the morale of those employees who want to do a good job.

  –  It ultimately takes away from the quality of the experience your customers get from your business. 

Let the employee know you are uncomfortable with their performance. Then explain the changes you want and put them on notice that further infractions may result in termination or demotion.   In preparing for this confrontation ask yourself the following questions. 

1. Did I clearly tell this person what was expected of him/her?

2. Did I thoroughly train this person to do the job?

3. Has this person demonstrated they can actually do the job?

4. Are there other circumstances that may be affecting performance (marital problems, family illness, financial stress)? Can it be handled with short-term patience and understanding? Are you willing or able to spend the time? 

Whatever you decide, make that decision your choice – don’t let the employee make the choice. Don’t be held hostage! 

Talk to you soon  ~Norma

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