How Come It’s Not In The Documentation?

How Come It’s Not In The Documentation?

This is a rather common question that I get asked by both MIS personnel, and casual end-users. Often, as I go about my daily tasks, sometimes I find myself in the position of asking this very same question.

Here are the most common reasons why something might not be in the documentation…

  • It’s not located where you would expected it to be.   – If what you are looking for was recently
    added as a "New Feature", the topic may actually be listed in the "Release Notes" section for a particular version, while not being in the standard part of the documentation.

  • The departments in charge of documenting new or enhanced feature details may not have been able to update the documentation before the change was released.  Often, I have found this fact to go on unnoticed for several generations of product release(s).  This can be true with anything computer related, whether it be related hardware, operating systems or application software.

  • A feature from an older version was removed, or moved (consolidated) into another area of the software.  While rare, this has been known to happen (i.e. It used to be in the documentation, but now it isn’t).

  • It was intentionally not included in the documentation. – Software developers, under pressure to meet deadlines, may not have had sufficient time to update the documentation on a new feature, and/or option.  So rather than include only partial or inaccurate information, no information, or only a summary information was included.  The idea here being that at some point in the future this would be more fully and completely addressed.

  • There may be too many variations of possible outcomes to easily (or completely) document all of the possible ramifications that could result by making a particular change.  – A good example of this is when it comes to modular software integration.  A good example would be using the Accounts Receivable feature as a stand-alone application, versus what happens when it is integrated with Order Entry, or Point Of Sale applications.  I my experience, this is a pretty common situation when it comes to accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and Point of Sale software.  Situations like this are a good reason to call CCS.

Of course whenever there is anything in doubt, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department for assistance.

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