Remember That Your Customers ARE Customers

Never judge your customers

I recently read an account that brought home the point that you should never judge your customers. This story is about a customer who could have easily been ignored by a less diligent sales person. But I’ll let another clerk  tell you what happened.

"I was working with a customer while another customer was looking at jewelry a few feet away and carrying on a long, rather loud cell phone conversation in another language. The conversation went on and on and became very distracting. It was near closing on a Friday and everyone was tired and just wanted to leave.

While I went about my business, another staff member continued to help the cell phone lady. Although it was now past closing, we did not close the register or lock the door – but continued to help the lady. 25 minutes later she paid $440 in cash for what she had finally chosen!"

I’d be willing to bet that the customer will remember the special treatment she received from these sales people and will return. And if she doesn’t – well – the sales people surely will remember what the result was when they went the extra mile.

And you, dear store owner, are tasked with finding the type of staff people described above. We all know that your store, merchandise and price are major selling points. But when everything else is equal, it’s the caring that counts.

Talk to you soon ~Norma

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