Outdated Software – A Risk to Your Business

The Cost of Obsolete Software

After months, even years, of using the same software, most of us feel very comfortable using what’s familiar to us.  We put off making changes because changes require learning something new.  We fear that there may be problems like added expense, new licensing, possible hardware upgrades, training times and consulting fees.  These are valid considerations, but the question is, “Do the negatives outweigh the dangers and recovery costs that may come later if necessary changes are not made?”

What dangers are posed by outdated software?  Here are a few to ponder:

  • ·       Security holes
  • ·       Inability to use new features, especially online
  • ·       Hacking and data loss (client and server side)
  • ·       Crashes and downtime

In a PlanetMagpie,WOOF! article, the following list was shown as the software that poses the biggest dangers if not kept current:

  • ·       Antiviruses, Malware Removal Apps.
  • ·       Microsoft Office
  • ·       Operating Systems
  • ·       Windows Servers, Database Servers, Web Servers, Password Security
  • ·       Web Browsers, Plug-Ins
  • ·       Accounting Software
  • ·       Backup Software
  • ·       Firewalls

Although being comfortable with the software you use is a good thing, if it leads to a server crash or security threat, it’s not worth the risk!  Prevent problems such as these by keeping your software up-to- date and retiring software that’s at its end-of-life.

Is it time to upgrade your software?  CCS is here to help you with your questions about software safety.  Call us at 800-672-4806 or email us for more information.

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