Coming Soon – CPMobile – You Heard It Here First!

CPMobile From Radiant CounterPoint

Well, maybe you heard it here second, but it’s worth repeating. CPMobile is coming to a CounterPoint SQL system near you. And it should be yours.

Imagine being able to sell your products anywhere – in the store, out on the streets, at a trade show or any other environment. Or maybe you simply want the flexibility to check item prices or inventory status anywhere. Freedom in the palm of your hand. Freedom powered by CPMobile.

Run your business in new and efficient ways with a technology that adds value, not distraction. Connect with customers by taking the transaction to them at their convenience. CPMobile is completely integrated to CounterPoint for real-time inventory updates and secure payment processing.

CPMobile will take your retail business to the next level. Retail giants around the world are adopting mobile solutions and now you don’t need to be left out.

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Talk to you soon.  ~Norma

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