CP 7.5.19 New Feature Highlights – Customers and Purchasing

CP 7.5.19 New Feature Highlights – Customer and Purchasing.

1.  Customers – Transaction log for A/R open item maintenance.

You can now log and track new open items and changes made to open items for A/R customers.  You enable the corresponding settings on the new Transaction Log screen in Setup/Customers/Control. With these settings enabled, a log file is kept in your  company directory that tracks new and/or changed open items for your A/R customers.

This log can help you identify potential problems or patterns of abuse that would not be discernible in other views or reports that are available through CounterPoint.

Each entry in the A/R open item transaction log file includes the following information:

  • Date

  • Time

  • User ID

  • Type of transaction (Add or Change)

  • Field changed

  • Customer #

  • Document type

  • Customer number

2.  Purchasing – Sending purchase orders and RTVs to vendors via e-mail. 

In 7.5.19, when you post a purchase request or a receiving, you can send the corresponding purchase order to the appropriate vendor via e-mail. Similarly, you can send RTVs to vendors via e-mail when you post individual return to vendor documents.

NOTE: This feature is supported in both Windows and Unix/Linux.

3.  Purchasing – Alternate purchasing units for vendor items

In previous versions of CounterPoint, each vendor-item record could only have a single purchasing unit  (i.e., the Vendor’s unit) assigned to it.  In 7.5.19, you can define up to (3) three alternate purchasing units for a vendor-item record.  Each can have a different minimum order quantity and unit cost.

This new feature  allows you to purchase, receive, and return an individual item in multiple  units on a single Purchase Order, Receiving, or RTV.

For example, a vendor might sell an item by the Gross at a cost of $110, by the dozen at a cost of $10, or individually at a cost of $1. By predefining alternate purchasing units such as GRS and DOZ, in addition to the Vendor’s unit of EACH, you can purchase exactly the  quantity you want to match your needs and cash flow.

If you need assistance with installing CP 7.5.19 and/or configuring these new features, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.


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