Malware and wireless phones

Protecting Your Mobile Devices.

With the explosive increase in smart phones, and the availability of applications for them for just about everything, you need to remember that your phone is a computer, too.  In other words, it is just as susceptible to malware as your desktop PC is.

There has been a huge increase in the number of malware infected wireless phones.  Besides the inconvenience of your phone possibly not working correctly, an infected smart phone may be a security threat to your home or office systems.  The same potential risks occur if your phone is infected, as if your desktop was infected.

If you use your phone to access your office network, email, or bank, there is the potential for your login credentials to be stolen.

In addition to protecting your phone, there are steps that can be taken to protect your office network.  Once again, your firewall can be tuned to control access.  Many smart phones have the ability to use VPN, also.  These are just two of the ways that can help secure your systems.

Our CPMobile products will be arriving soon.  We encourage you to become familiar with protection your mobile phone to prepare for applying the same ideas to CPMobile 

For help with malware protection on any of your systems contact us at CCS Retail Systems.

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