Simple Business Saving Steps BEFORE Disaster Strikes

From tornadoes to floods to forest fires, Mother Nature’s fury over the last few weeks has brought devastation to many.

Do you know what you should do before disaster strikes? These few preparatory steps will help you minimize any loss so that you will be up and running as soon as possible.

Write an emergency procedure for your staff
It should show what should be done first, second, third in case of a fire, or power outage, or earthquake, or tornado, or hurricane, or if your store is robbed.

If you don’t know what you should do, call your local fire or police department. They can help you. Having these procedures in place can save lives, prevent injuries and minimize damage to your business

Double check your insurance policy
Make sure you have enough coverage for your entire store, including your merchandise, fixtures, equipment, supplies, building etc. Call your insurance agent if  you’re don’t know. Ask if you’re covered for debris removal as well as replacement costs. Find out whether you have "loss of business" coverage. Although it may be tempting, this is no place to cut costs

Make daily backups of your computer data without fail and store them off-site!

If you have your data – customer lists, sales history, inventory, employee payroll information etc. – you are way ahead of the game. You can rent a new location, buy new merchandise but without backups, you can’t replace your data.

One of our customers uses a 3 person rotation to take the backups home – another layer of security – so that a house fire will only cause a one day loss at the most.

Planning ahead is the smart thing to do. If you aren’t backing up your system because you need backup hardware and/or software, call or Email CCS. We will help you find a solution.

Talk to you soon.  ~Norma

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