[VIRUS ALERT] Do not click messages asking you to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT

Scam Signature Message: In order to PREVENT SPAM, I ask that you VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to start the process…

The "==VERIFY MY ACCOUNT==" link is not a link to a webpage, but a direct link to javascript instead. If you or your friends click on this link then your system will be attacked by a virus.

It also appears that this scam is being spread via wall postings from an iPhone mobile device. Another possbility is the scammers have engineered the attack to seemingly come from an iPhone.

Always be careful what you click! You never know when a harmless looking link can get you into trouble. Although, this one should raise suspicions from the get go. You will never see a legitimate "VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT" link on a Wall posting.


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