The Importance of Security Service Packs

The Importance of Security Service Packs

Most of you are probably already aware of the fact that Microsoft routinely releases critical security service packs for it's operating systems and application software.  However, you might not be aware that this is also an issue for many other commonly used application software programs as well.

Failure to keep on top of this sort of thing could result in a major security problem.  The recent Sony Playstation breach, where a estimated 100+ million customers had their personal data (including credit card information) stolen from Sony's  farm of gaming servers, is an example.

Some examples of software that have security service packs released to protect against detected vulnerabilities are:

  • Third party security applications, such as Anti-Virus, and Anti-Malware software.

  • Internet Browsers.

  • Portable document creation and presentation tools.

  • Disk clean-up utilities.

  • POS Systems – usually this involves security changes such as new data encryption standards, new password restrictions, etc.

However, many of these software programs DO NOT automatically download or apply these security service packs.  The manufacturer's may require that you separately download and install the service packs.  Some updates may also require that non-optional post installation routines be run before the changes are operational.

These security issues also apply to your local workstations, and POS registers, not just your application servers.  Your operations should include weekly procedures to check and apply any service packs for al your software.

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