Customer Service Tips

Keeping existing customers is far less costly than bringing in new ones. 

Despite this, retailers often lose customers because of small oversights and lack of attention to good customer service.  Remember that although customers may not always be right, what they are seeking is assistance in purchasing or resolution of a purchasing problem.  Satisfying that need in acceptable ways will bring customers back for more, time after time.

Adrian Miller of Business Know-How offers ten suggestions for retaining customers by using good customer service.  Five are listed below; the remainder will be presented in my next blog.

  • Stress what you can do for them, not what you can’t.  Sometimes being offered alternatives will provide an answer not previously considered.
  • Allow customers to vent without interruption before you speak.  In this way, you will truly listen to their concerns.
  • Say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” to diffuse anger.
  • Use your customer’s name at some point when you are speaking. 
  • Get approval and agreement from your customer about your proposed solution before you proceed.  Is it acceptable to him/her?

Making good customer service a priority in your business will go a long way in helping you to satisify your customers and make them feel special.  Who wouldn’t want to return to a place where they’re made to feel special?

Be sure to read my next blog for the last five customer service suggestions.   While you’re on our website, take a look at some of our other blogs from technicians and sales personnel.  You’ll be glad you did!

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