Remove old accounts

In the course of your business, employees will come and go.  When an employee leave, however, you need to remove their account, so that they can no longer access your system.

Recently I had a customer have me check on the accounts that they had, and well over half of them were people that no longer worked for the company.  In addition, this customer has remote access for many of their employees that work from home.  There were many people who had worked for them, that could still get into their system.

Obviously, this is a big security issue.  If any of these people had wanted to, they could have connected to the server, and removed many files that this company needed to conduct their business.

So, when an employee leaves, make sure that you block their access to your systems.  At the very least, this would involve changing the user’s password.  Better still, is to delete, lock, or retire, the user account.  That way, if the user can not guess what the password is and still get access.  The account will not allow access, even if the correct password is used.

Contact CCS Retail to help establish these procedures and policies to protect your systems.

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