Why Choose CounterPoint – Part Two

Last week I discussed how CounterPoint can increase return on investment (ROI) through it’s Inventory management system. Today I’ll cover the fastest selling item for retail outlets – Gift Cards –  another CounterPoint strong point.

Value Proposition
Gift cards average approximately 5% of retail sales. 12% to 18% of gift cards are NEVER redeemed. CounterPoint’s gift card program is built into the system, thus eliminating the overhead created by many other software programs that require third party fees. 
ROI Example using built-in Credit Cards (Assume 1M in Annual Sales)
– 1M x .05% = 50K     (Total in gift card sales)

– 50K x 15% = 7.5K   (15% of gift cards are never redeemed)

– 50K x .8% = 4K       (Assume 8% in a free interest savings loan)

– 50K x 20% = 10K    (20% additional dollars spent when redeeming credit cards)

– 10K – 5K = 5K         (5K or half is the assumptive cost of carrying goods)

– Total Profit Effect: $16,500  (7.5K + 4K + 5K) 

Plug in your own numbers to see how your bottom line is affected. 

By using CounterPoint’s gift card feature, you can increase sales, enhance cash flow, attract new customers both by building brand awareness and by creating customer loyalty.

Contact CCS to arrange for your Gift Card options.  Talk to you soon ~ Norma

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