Earth Day Concerns

Today is Earth Day – a time to consider ways that we might help to save some of earth’s resources. Reducing paper use is one way to save trees. A growing number of “green” leaning customers are grumbling about paper waste caused by the length of register receipts they are now receiving at retail stores, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In another article written by John Matarese for, an incident is cited where a customer received a receipt almost two feet long when he bought just two small items. If you multiply that by the number of customers served by that store, times the number of stores (Kroger), times 365 days a year, the amount of excess paper used is staggering.

Why are the receipts so long? Rewards points, money saved on items, recall information, special offers, and coupons are just a few of the items that are shown in addition to the actual items purchased. Some customers really like to receive this information; others are irked by it. Retailers argue that sales are increased by offers presented on receipts.

Some stores like Walmart are now printing double-sided receipts to cut down on waste. While this is not an option for most stores, some POS Software systems like CounterPoint can offer customers the option of receiving receipts by email.

Whatever your thoughts on this subject, CCS can help you configure receipts in a manner that is pleasing to both you and your customers.   We also offer UnForm as a digital image document management system to replace paper and its associated costs.  You can learn more about UnForm here.

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