Sometimes We Need To Slow Down And Smell The Roses

Its 6:00PM, time to start closing the store, count the registers and post our sales for the day.  Most of the time this is second nature for the closing crew, they have their routine for closing.

I recently received a call from a customer that one of their drawers did not get posted.  After a couple of routine questions, I logged on to their system to see if I could figure out what went wrong.  Running a few reports showed that there were no unposted tickets for any of the drawers in question.  When asked how she came to the conclusion that one of the drawers did not get posted, she directed me to a Sales Report she runs.

In this case, she was running a Sales Analysis report that shows the sales for a certain date or date range. She was running it for 1 day and all of the totals she expected were not showing up.  After a little more research I was able to determine the problem even though the sales were posted on the correct day, the posting date was set to a week earlier.  To avoid problems like this there is an option to use the Ticket Date as the posting date.  This caused confusion, because even though the date of the ticket was correct, all the totals got lumped into the wrong day.

By taking an extra couple of seconds to verify what you have chosen to do is what you want to do could have helped all involved.  I understand we are only human and make mistakes..  Sometimes sleuthing these things out requires running a few extra reports and checking the detail.   Often problems can be solved with a little more training.  I find it is helpful to take a few extra seconds before hitting the "Post" button, also.

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-Bryan alt

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