Making Your Smartphone Secure

The solutions for protecting your smartphone from hackers are pretty basic at the present time, but nonetheless effective. Awareness of the dangers should lead you to the following preventive steps, according to William Deutsch of Guide

  1. Don’t lose your phone! A survey from 2005 reported that 160,000 portable devices are left in Chicago taxis every year. This security risk has a simple solution: put your phone back in its holster or your purse every single time you use it. In the office, don’t leave it out on your desk.

  2. Use a password. Make it one that is not easily deciphered by a hacker.

  3. Implement a well-defined security policy within your organization. Make sure, especially if you provide smartphones for employees or compensate for them, that identified procedures are followed to protect important data.

  4. Use anti-virus software when available. Some vendors provide anti-virus software for selected mobile platforms.

  5. Always clear memory before you dispose of your smartphone. Sooner or later, you will want to trade up, and your smartphone could wind up on eBay. Make sure that it is clean before this happens. 

Common sense security actions like those presented above will go a long way toward protecting the important data on your smartphone. Keep reading our blogs for more tips on technological issues and much, much more.   

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