Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. – March 2011

Dear CCS Retail,

Below is information to pass on to your CounterPoint SQL customers:

The hidden costs of Paper Based Document Filing Systems

  • Filing a paper document costs 25-30 cents per sheet
  • 3-5% of an organization’s paper documents are lost or misfiled
  • Cost to recreate a misfiled paper document is $120 – $250
  • 7.4% of an executive’s time is spent looking for lost or misfiled paper documents
  • Counting lost and misfiled paper documents the average costs rise to $20.00 per document 

Sources: Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), Forrester, Star Securities and Computer World

An Electronic Document Management Solution (DMS) totally eliminates these costs. How much would your company save?  Contact CCS and we’ll work up an ROI and you can find out.


Synergetic Data Systems, Inc.
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