Don’t Be a “One and Done” Marketer

In the last few weeks I’ve written about two marketing mistakes that store owners must avoid – #1 Buying merchandise that you like instead of what your customers want and #2 Employing a marketing compaign and NOT tracking the results to see whether it lived up to what you expected.

Today, I’m giving you another "no-no" to avoid. As the title of this article says, don’t be a "One and Done" marketer.

How many times have you heard about or seen a really successful marketing campaign and wished you had come up with the idea? But then that marketing campaign is never seen or heard from again. Huge mistake! When a campaign works, use it again and again and again! – once a year if it’s seasonal – more often if not.

And how do you measure the success? Reread Tip #2: "Track the results of the campaign". Once and done should not be an option. You spend too much time and effort setting up a successful marketing campaign. Use it!

Until next time,  Norma

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