Accounting Applications and Printer Compatibility

Accounting Applications and Printer Compatibility.

Many Accounting Applications have built-in "printer sensitivity", in that the application may be somewhat particular about what sort of physical printer is being used with it.

This is mainly an issue when trying to use "FORM" printers that require either a direct  connection to the device especially were continuous forms (Invoices, Statements, Checks, Etc.) are involved with impact printers.

With impact printers and forms, the document and the data fields are arranged for specific placement (e.g. Characters per inch, lines per inch, and lines per page, etc..)  This is most similar to the data would be typed using an old fashioned typewriter.  Whereas, "Windows Printing" treats the entire page as if it were a graphic image, and creates the document printing spatially from the top left, across, and then down.  The means that data fields meant for fixed placement (e.g. pre-printed forms, and continuous forms) don’t format properly on pre-printed forms when using a Windows printer option.  If you have forms utility program, much work may be needed in the way of adjustments to the form, in order to get a combination of the application, Windows Driver, and physical printer working together.

However, printing issues of this sort are not just confined to impact printers.

Typically, most lower-end Laser/LaserJet printers on the market are designed for Windows Printing only, and therefore don’t support receiving specialized direct print commands for pitch, font, Top/Bottom margin, etc.,(such as PCL5/PCL5E) from an application.

Examples of these types of issue printers are:

  • The entire Brother printer line.

  • The cheaper (Typically under $200) HP printer models.

  • Other off-brand multi-function printers.

  • The Samsung line (some of which may have a hybrid PCL, which supports only the very basic PCL commands). 

Normally, you should be looking towards higher line business printer models that support PCL commands, if for no other reason than to give you more flexibility, should it be needed.

The above reasons can make choosing a new printer for your accounting system, a more complicated task that would be required for another applications. I have seen very  recent instances, that when a printer goes bad, it is frequently replaced with  whatever is cheapest or available, without regard to how it will be used.  Often, much time is wasted, and the printer eventually has to be replaced with one that functions  properly for the tasks required.

For the above reasons,  it is recommended that you contact CCS Retail Systems in order to get assistance in finding specific compatible models.  CCS can order these compatible models for you as well.


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