No Website? What Are You Waiting For?

Every successful store, every successful business must have a website. That’s right – must. As in "not optional". It’s as basic to your business as a sign on your store.

When retailers are asked why they don’t have a website they usually say they’re "working on it" or "I’m looking for a site designer" or "I just don’t know where to start.

I know creating a website can seem overwhelming. But if you’re using CounterPoint POS, you’re ahead of the game. Just set up your website using CPOnline – with the help of the CPOnline Team. Not only will you have the "Big Three", you will also have an online storefront to sell your product.

What are the Big Three?

A Home Page
Very simply, this is the page that gives visitors basic information about you store. At a minimum, include:
– Your logo
– Your store name in text
– Your basic contact information
– A short paragraph on what your store is and/or does. (a picture would be nice too)

A Merchandise Page
– This is where CPOnline contains your merchandise that is for sale online.
– Without CPO, you can write about what types of merchandise you carry – just a couple of sentences
  for each item/category.

`About Us` Page
Tell a little bit about the history of your store. ALWAYS include at a minimum:
– Your name
– Your picture
– A short bio about you (and the rest of your permanent staff if possible)

And Now The Other Three Minimum Requirements
1. Include your basic store information on every page. The top part of the page is preferable. Include:
– Phone Number (Fax also if you want to receive information that way)
– Store Hours (for your brick and mortar store. We’re assuming 24/7 if you sell online merchandise.)
– Complete address including state and zip code
– Email Address
If possible – room allowing – include this information at the bottom of the page too.
2. Choose a readable font type, color and size. e.g. dark font on light background.
3. A good domain name (URL)
– The best domain name is your store name.
– If your name is taken, try adding your city or your industry (

So these are the minimum requirements. It will get you online and available to your customers. And there are many ways to "pretty up" your site. Just ask the CPOnline team!

Until next time ~~ Norma

* (Parts of this article have been excerpted from Bob Negen of Whizbang Training)

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