Another Way That Inventory Shortages Can Affect Customers


The holiday shopping season is over, finally, and I have been reflecting on the experiences I had this year while buying gifts in “brick and mortar” stores. One annoying thing stands out in my mind – one that may very well influence where I shop next time.

 I bought several gifts in different locations from a well-known department store chain. I spent quite a lot of money (for me!). These gifts had to be wrapped and sent to another state for Christmas, so I requested gift boxes at the time of purchase. These boxes have always been available in the past, usually requiring a trip to the Customer Service Office to pick them up.  This year, however, I was told in every location that they were “out of boxes.” Somehow, they had not ordered enough to get through the season.

 Usually, when we think of Inventory, we think of the products that will be sold to customers. Inventory includes, also, the products needed to run the business!   Both need to be carefully tracked so that situations like the one described above can be avoided.

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