Offline ticket entry

Counterpoint offers Offline Ticket Entry (OLTE) as an option for point of sale systems.  OLTE should be seriously consider by any point of sale user.

With OLTE each of your point of sale stations has the ability to do ticket entry in a standalone mode.  If your main server goes down your clerks can still be making sales, and your products are still moving.

This is not a complete copy of what is on your server.  It’s main purpose is to allow you to keep making sales.  Receiving purchase orders, posting tickets, and other functions not directly related to doing a sale ticket, are not supported.

What is supported are the ticket entry functions. 

  • Entering a sales ticket,
  • authorizing a credit card or debit card,
  • operating the cash drawer,
  • and printing receipts,

are the main focus of Offline Ticket Entry.

Recently we had a customer whose server was starting to have hardware problems.  Without OLTE, they would not have been able to keep selling, while the server was replaced.  They would have had to schedule the replacement when the store was not open.,

This results in  overtime expenses for the employees needed for the replacement, and related costs.  Worse, if they close the store during business hours, there are loss of sales, and dissatisfied customer issues.

Since they had OLTE, they simply switched their stations to run in offline mode.  This only takes a minute or so.  We then brought the server to CCS, moved their software to the new machine, and returned it.  The store stayed open, and they kept selling. 

When the new server was brought up, the stations automatically synchronized with the server, and they went back into on-line mode.  No sales were lost.  There were no additional costs incurred, beyond the cost of replacing the server.

If you do not use OLTE, you may want to contact CCS Retail Systems and discuss how OLTE can help your company.

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