Self-Checkout: Is It The Next Big Change in Retail?

When you’re shopping in a retail store such as a supermarket, do you prefer to use the checkout lane or the self-checkout?  I usually head for the checkout lane, since I’m more familiar with the process.  Recently, however, I have found myself using the self-checkout on a more regular basis.

Apparently I’m not the only one who is "shifting gears" in this area.  According to an article in Point of Sale News, Katrina Costedio reports that IHL Group recently released a report on current checkout trends.   Their findings?  Approximately 15 to 40% of daily transactions for supermarkets, mass merchants, and home improvement centers are being completed through self-checkout machines.

The report suggests that customers think the self-checkout is faster because
1) the self-checkout lane is usually shorter, and 
2) the checkout goes faster because they are an active participant.  

Whatever their reasons are, customers are increasing their usage of the self-checkout.  In 2009, over $192 billion in sales were conducted this way.

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