Beware Of Apps With In-App Purchasing

This is a little off topic for my blog, but I think it is important to be aware of.

After reading a current news paper article, I found out how easy it was to inadvertently charge your credit card with "in-app" purchases.  A "in-app" purchase is when an application for your smart phone or tablet allows you to buy "tokens" from within the app to help you advance further or faster.

For example, in the new article, a smart phone users young child was able to charge over $60 playing a popular games geared towards young children.  The "tokens" that were purchased allowed the child to get to the next level of play without going through the whole "maze" to get there.  No passwords were needed, and as far as I can tell there were no warning messages that stated your card was going to be charged.

This is not limited to smart phones or tablets either, this can happen on your PC also.  Many of the social networking sites have games that can be played, with "tokens" that can be purchased to help you get further, faster.

With the Christmas holiday right around the corner, and with most people being on a budget, I thought this might be helpful to point out if you are not sure where that extra $$ may have gone if you recently bought some "smurf berries" while you or your children were playing "The Smurf Village" app on your smart phone.

Always read the description of the app, it should specify that purchasing in-app items will cost real money.  In the cases that were described in the news article, it seemed that most parents were able to get a refund, but that might not always be true.  The app stores and makers are trying to make this more clear before a user accidentally purchases a "wheel barrel full of smurf berries" for $100 in just 1 click!!!!!!

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Source – Komo News

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