CounterPoint Training At CCS

Were you aware that CCS Retail Systems is an authorized training facility for CounterPoint Software.  Training is an important step in getting your CounterPoint System (CP) working properly.  This can save significantly on support bills.

Over the years at CCS I have taken quite a few support calls on how or why a particular function works the way it does.  Most of the time the answer could have been answered in training. 

For example, a recent call I took from a customer had to do with transfers.  This company has been using the software for quite sometime.  For what ever reason, the procedures they were using for transfers between locations was confusing.  The employees and owners of the store have been confused on this for quite some time. This was just recently brought to my attention. 

If proper training were taken by at least one person in the company, the transfer procedure could have been adjusted just slightly.  All the paper work involving transfers would have made more sense to everyone involved.  It was not that they were doing things wrong per se, but missing an important step in the process.  This step completed the transfer process and saved time. Now the owner and store managers would not have to go through extra steps "fixing" things after the fact.

Your whole company may not need to attend the training sessions, only those most directly involved.   It is always a good idea to train several people to make sure you account for holidays, sickness, and turn-over.  Training sessions are an invaluable learning opportunity for your company to be able to use your system to the fullest.  CP is  very complete software.  It is designed to make manage your business easy with its many functions and tools.  But you need to know that these tools exists and that is where training can help.

If you are interested in training for CounterPoint or any of our other software products that CCS supports, please call CCS Retail Systems at 800-672-4806 or email_us.  The ROI on your training investment can most likely be seen immediately.

-Bryan alt

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