Concerning Checkout Errors

Last week I completed my weekly shopping at a large supermarket in my area, and again found an error on my receipt. This time I was charged $4.29 for a half dozen eggs when the clearly-marked price was $1.29. Taking the empty box with the bar code on it, along with my receipt, I returned to the store the next day.

At the Customer Service Desk, I presented my case. After first being told that I should have returned the eggs, also, the manager was called and I was given my $3.00 refund. The eggs, by the way, were already used.  It’s because I needed eggs for my recipe that I went to the store in the first place!

Curious as to why checkout errors seem to be happening to me so frequently, I did some research and found that there are three types of pricing errors that are common: 

  • Shoppers select an item not covered by a sales promotion
  • Employee error or computer glitches when merchandise is mislabeled
  • Shoppers are lured into a store by an advertised special, but are then directed toward merchandise at a higher price. (This is against the law!)

I could clearly rule out #1 and #3 in my situation. Employee errors and computer glitches, however, are things that can be remedied. If this doesn’t happen, customers like me will shop elsewhere.

We’re the ones to call if you are encountering problems of the #2 kind. We can improve your systems, offer training for your employees, and offer support for our software systems. We can get rid of those “glitches” that cost your company sales. Call us at 425-672-4806 for email us or more information.


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