Counting Your Inventory

Its that time of year again, No, not kiss the boss day…..alt …but Physical Counts of your inventory.  Having accurate "quantity on hand" for your inventory is an important step in keeping your systems data up to date.  Whether you count your inventory once a year or do cycle counts multiple times a year, the Physical Count process is what you would use.

There are certain steps that should be taken before, during, and after your counts.  I will not go into too much detail here but one thing to remember before you start is to be sure everything is posted and any old counts that may have been forgotten or never finished be "Removed".  This helps get you a clean slate to start with and will help keep your counts accurate. 

Remember the old saying "Garbage In/Garbage Out"?  This is one place in the software where that holds true.  Bogus quantities of your items can cause a buyer to buy too much or too little of a key product. The value of your inventory could be artificially inflated/deflated.  These quanity errors can affect your tax bill and bottom line if your not careful of what information you are putting into your system. 

Don’t forget that the use of hand held data collectors is supported in both CounterPoint V7 and CPSQL to help with the process.  Both versions of CounterPoint have an import function that can be used for the counts that are collected.

One critical feature that sets your CounterPoint Physical count aside from competiitors is the Quantity Freeze.  You can continue selling while counting is being performed.  The Freeze feature will ensure that the Count and Reconcillation steps work correctly.  This is NOT true of competative systems.

If you would like some help doing your counts, or information about hand held data collectors call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department at 800-672-4806 or email_us.

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